The Atlanta Recovery Center is a 175 bed transistional home that was founded in 1969 to assist in stabilizing the lives of homeless men in the Metro Atlanta Area. We are a completely self supported 501 (c) (3) non-profit orginization.


Any male, 18 or older, who is able to pay the $10.00 per day or $70.00 per week fee and can pass a breathalizer and or drug test is eligible to enter. All residents are subject to random alcohol and or drug testing upon request. A positive drug or alcohol test may result in dismissal from the facility for a period of time.


New residents are placed initally in our transistional dormitory. After they have demonstrated consistantly good conduct and a, willingness to assume responsibility for themselves, are given the opportunity to move into our stabilized living unit.


Helping Atlanta's Men Help Themselves

169 Trinity Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30303



  • We offer clothing assistance to our residents and to those homeless that are in need.

  • We have several bible studies weekly for those that wish to expand their spiritual lives

  • We have meals provided daily by several partner non-profit orginizations

  • We assist with job search and job readiness

  • We make referrals for our residents to non-profit medical clinics and treatment providers in the Metro Atlanta Area