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The Atlanta Recovery Center collects donations and manages all of our residents clothing needs. We collect clean donations, sort and provide this clothing for our residents. We have a need to provide clothing for 75-100 men weekly.


We are in need of donations.

Contact: Ray Robinson - Volunteer Coordinator



GET INVOLVED! Volunteer with one of our dedicated service partners.

Minister Ray Robinson

We partner with several local feeding ministries to provide food for our residents on a daily basis. If you are interested in helping these Ministries serve please contact Ray Robinson: Volunteer Coordinator


LET Us Know How You Can Serve

Feeding Ministries

Minister Robinson is our outreach coordinator. This past year he coordinated the serving of 96,000 meals and clothing over 1500 men, women and children through his outreach. If you or your Ministry is interested in feeding the homeless or providing clothing/ tolitries/ donations please contact him at 404-985-9671.

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